Ulecha asita

ולך עשית

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Ulecha asita shem gadol vekadosh beolamecha

Uleamecha Yisrael asita teshua gedolah ufurkan kehayom hazeh
ולך עשית שם גדול וקדוש בעולמך

ולעמך ישראל עשית תשועה גדולה ופורקן כהיום הזה


And for You have made a great and holy Name in your world

And for Your Nation, Yisrael, you have made a great salvation​ and redemptio​n, like this day


From the Al hanissim prayer insertion (Amidah, Birkat HaMazon) on Chanukah


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Description: My tune to this prayer with guitar accompaniment


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