Eitz Chayim Hi

עֵץ חַיִּים הִיא

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Eitz chayim hi lamachazikim bah, v'tom'cheha m'ushar. D'racheha darchei noam v'chol n'tivoteha shalom. Hashivenu Adonai eilecha v'nashuva, chadesh yameinu k'kedem.
עֵץ חַיִּים הִיא לַמַּחֲזִיקִים בָּהּ. וְתמְכֶיהָ מְאֻשָּׁר:
דְּרָכֶיהָ דַרְכֵי נעַם וְכָל נְתִיבותֶיהָ שָׁלום:
הֲשִׁיבֵנוּ ה' אֵלֶיךָ וְנָשׁוּבָה. חַדֵּשׁ יָמֵינוּ כְּקֶדֶם:


It is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it, and those who uphold it are happy. Its ways are pleasant,​ and all of its paths peaceful.​ Return us to you, God, so that we shall return, renew our days as of old.

Trans​lation by Gabe Seed


The conclusion of the Torah service in all services of the Ashkenazi rites.

A note from Alan Kaufman regarding his recording:
"This song came about after having a dream in which I was davening in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana and it was Shabbos and the Torah was taken out of the Aron Hakodesh, and there was spirited Cajun dancing and singing. I woke up and used Audacity on my computer to simulate my dream. I am playing both fiddles and mando and singing on this recording. My email is alanfiddler@gmail.com."


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Description: a popular tune recorded by Rabbi Josh Cahan

Recorded by: Joshua Cahan
Description: Nice, upbeat melody for shabbat table

Recorded by: Joshua Cahan
Description: Melody widely used in Israeli shuls

Description: a tune I first heard while living on kibbutz in Israel

Description: Traditional Melody sung in ashkenazi synagogues

Recorded by: Alan Kaufman
Description: etz chayim hee to a cajun waltz I wrote


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