MiMaamakim/From the Depths


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MiMaamakim Keratichah Hashem
Hashem, Shema Ve'Koli,
Tiheyena Ozneycha Kashuvot -- L'Kol Tachnunai,

Im Avonot Tishmor, Kah, -- Hashem, Mi Ya'amod
Ki Imchah HaSlichah -- Lema'an, Tivareh
מִמַּעֲמַקִּים קְרָאתִיךָ הי
הי, שִׁמְעָה בְקוֹלִי
תִּהְיֶינָה אָזְנֶיךָ
קַשֻּׁבוֹת-- לְקוֹל, תַּחֲנוּנָי

אִם-עֲו‍ֹנוֹת תִּשְׁמָר-קהּ--
הי, מִי יַעֲמֹד
כִּי-עִמְּךָ הַסְּלִיחָה--
לְמַעַן, תִּוָּרֵא


Out of the depths I call out to You Hashem
Maste​r, listen to my voice;
Let Your ears tune in -- to the sound of my pleas
My Lord
If iniquitie​s you record/ke​ep, G-d, -- Master, who will stand
For within You there is forgivene​ss -- so that, You may be revered

Trans​lation based on the Jewish Publicati​on Society Bible (1917) (public domain)


these words are based on Psalm 130


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