Vayiven Uziyahu

וַיִבֵן עֻזִיָהוּ

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Vayiven Uziyahu migdalim birushalayim vay'chazkem. Vayiven migdalim bamidbar, vayachtzov borot rabim
וַיִבֵן עֻזִיָהוּ מגדלים בירושלים ויחזקם. ויבן מגדלים במדבר, ויחצב בורות רבים.


Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem​... and fortified​ them.
And he built towers in the wildernes​s, and hewed out many cisterns.​

Trans​lation source: Jewish Publicati​on Society Bible (1917) (public domain)


Lyrics: Chronicles II 26:9-10

Tune is by Yochanan Zarai. Cover version streamed with the permission of ACUM.


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Recorded by: Mendy Fisch
Description: Poorly sung version of tune by Yochanan Zarai. Licensed from ACUM.
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