Hu Elokeinu Hu Avinu

הוא אלקינו הוא אבינו

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Hu elokeinu, hu avinu, hu malkeinu, hu moshieinu, hu yoshieinu veyigaleinu, sheinit bekarov, veyashmieinu berachamav le'einei kol chai leimor: hen ga'alti etchem acharit kivareishit lehiyot lachem le'elokim.
הוא אלקינו, הוא אבינו, הוא מלכנו, הוא מושיענו, הוא יושיענו ויגאלנו שנית בקרוב, וישמיענו ברחמיו לעיני כל חי לאמר: הן גאלתי אתכם אחרית כבראשית להיות לכם לאלקים


He is our God; he is our Father; he is our King; he is our Saviour; and he will deliver us and redeem us a second time, soon, and he of his mercy will let us hear a second time, in the presence of all living (his promise):​
"I have finally redeemed you, as in the beginning​, to be to you for a God."

Trans​lation based on The Standard Prayer book by Simeon Singer (1915) (public domain), modified because this version is different​


Lyrics: Kedusha on Shabbes, according to the nusach of Chabad
Composer of melody: Lubavitcher Rebbe


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Description: Chabadnik


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