Shaveat Aniim

שועת עניים

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Shav`at `aniyim Ata tishma`, tza`aqat hadal taqshiv vetoshia`, vekhatuv: rannenu tzaddiqim bAdonai, lay'sharim nava tehilla.
Befi yesharim titromam, uvsiftei tzaddiqim titbarakh, uvilshon hasidim titqaddash, uvqerev qedoshim tithallal.
שועת עניים אתה תשמע. צעקת הדל תקשיב ותושיע. וכתוב רננו צדיקים ביהוה. לישרים נאוה תהילה. בפי ישרים תתרומם. ובשפתי צדיקים תתברך. ובלשון חסידים תתקדש ובקרב קדושים תתהלל.


Thou hearest the cry of the poor, and regardest​ the exclamati​on of the indigent,​ and helpest him. And it is written, "Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous​​, for to the upright praise is comely." (Psalms 33:1).

With the mouth of the upright shalt thou be extolled;​ blessed with the lips of the righteous​​; sanctifie​d with the tongue of the pious; and praised in the midst of saints.

Trans​​lation​ from Siddur Sifte Tsadikim,​​ by Isaac Leeser (1837) (public domain)


This is a lovely praise song is part of the morning Shabbat and Yom Tov service which we all sing with lots of joy and emotion as we approach the Shema.

Found after "Nishmat Kol Hai", in lieu of "Mi dome lakh... ha'El be ta`atzumot `uzzekha... shokhen `ad..." in the Ashkenazic liturgy.


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