Perok Yat Anakh

פְּרוֹק יַת עָנָךְ

Perok yat anakh mipum aryavata.
V’apeik yat amakh migo galuta.
Ameikh di v’hart mikol umaya.
פְּרוֹק יַת עָנָךְ מִפּוּם אַרְיְוָתָא.
וְאַפֵּק יַת עַמָּךְ מִגּוֹ גָלוּתָא.
עַמֵּךְ דִּי בְחַרְתְּ מִכָּל אֻמַּיָּא.


Redeem your sheep from the mouths of lions,
And bring Your people out of exile,
Your people, whom You chose from all peoples.

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This song is part of the fourth verse of Yah Ribon Olam.

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