Veafilu behastara

ואפילו בהסתרה

Ashkenazi transliteration:

Veafilu behastureh shebesoch ho-hastureh bvadai gam sham nimtza Hashem yisborach.

Gam meachorei hadvorim hakushim ho-ovrim aleicha, ani omad.

Modern Hebrew transliteration:

Veafilu behastarah shebetoch hahastarah bevadai gam sham nimtza Hashem yitbarach.

Gam meachorei hadvarim hakashim haovrim aleicha, ani omad.
ואפילו בהסתרה שבתוך ההסתרה בוודאי גם שם נמצא השם יתברך.

גם מאחורי הדברים הקשים העוברים עליך, אני עומד.


Even in the most concealed of concealed places, certainly He of the blessed name is also found there.

I stand with you, even through the hard times that befall you.

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By Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810)

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