Ata Vechartanu

אָתה בְחַרתַנו

Ata Vechartanu Mikol Haamim Ahavta Otanu Veratzita Vanu Veromamtanu Micol Haleshonot (2x)

Vekidashtanu B'mitzvotecha V'keravtanu Malkeinu LaAvodatecha Veshimcha Hagadol Vehakadosh Aleinu Kauroso.
אתה בְחַרתָנו מכָל הַעַמִים
אָהַבְתָ אותָנו וְרַצִיתָ בָנו
וְרומַמְתָנו מכֹל הַלְשונות
ְוִקדַשתָנו במִצותֶיך
וְקֵרַבתָנו מַלְכֵנו לעַבודָתֶךָ
וְשִמךָ הַגָדול והַקָדוש
עָלֵינו קָראתָ.


You have chosen us from all peoples; you have loved us and taken pleasure in us, and have exalted us above all tongues; you have sanctified us by your commandments, and brought us near unto your service, O our King, and have called us by your great and holy name.

Translation based on The Standard Prayer book by Simeon Singer (1915) (public domain)


This song is usually sung in shalosh regalim - Pesach, Shavuot and Sucot. And it is surely appropiate for all holidays in general and times of Simcha...

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