Y'did Nefesh

ידִיד נֶפֶש

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Yedid nefesh, Av harachaman,
meshoch Avdach el Retzonach.
Yarutz avdach kemo ayal,
yishtachave mul hadarach.
Ye’erav lo yedidutach, minofet tsuf vechol ta’am.

Hadoor naeh ziv haolam, nafshi cholat ahavatach.
Anah El nah refah nah lah, b’harot lah noam zivach,
Az titchazek v’titrapeh, v’hay’tah lah shifchat olam.

Vatik yehemoo rachamecha v’chus na al ben ohavach.
Ki zeh kamah nichsof nichsaf, lir’ot betiferet oozach.
Anah Eyli, machmad leebee, chooshah nah v’al titalam.

Higaleh nah uf’ros chaviv alai, et sukkat shelomach
Tair eretz mikevodach, nagilah v’nismechah bach.
Maher ahoov, ki va moed, v’choneni kimei olam.
יְדִיד נֶפֶשׁ, אָב הָרַחְמָן
מְשךְ עַבְדָךְ אֶל רְצונָךְ
יָרוּץ עַבְדָךְ כְמו אַיָל
יִשְתַחֲוֶה מוּל הֲדָרָךְ
כִּי יֶעְרַב לוֹ יְדִידוּתָךְ
מִנּפֶת צוּף וְכָל טָעַם

הָדוּר, נָאֶה, זִיו הָעולָם
נַפְשִי חולַת אַהֲבָתָךְ
אָנָא אֵל נָא, רְפָא נָא לָהּ
בְּהַרְאות לָהּ נעַם זִיוָךְ
אָז תִתְחֵזֵּק וְתִתְרַפֵּא
וְהָיְתָה לָךְ שִפְחַת עולָם

וָתִיק, יֶהְמוּ רַחֲמֶיךָ
וְחוּס נָא עַל בֵּן אוֹהֲבָךְ
כִּי זֶה כַּמֶה נִכְסף נִכְסַף
לִרְאות בְּתִפְאֶרֶת עֻזָךְ
אָנָא אֵלִי, מַחְמָד לִבִי
חוּסה נָא, וְאַל תִּתְעַלָם

הִגָלֵה נָא וּפְרשׂ, חָבִיב
עָלַי אֶת סֻכַת שְלומֶךְ
תָּאִיר אֶרֶץ מִכְּבוֹדָךְ
נָגִילָה וְנִשְׂמְחָה בָךְ
מַהֵר אָהוּב, כִּי בָא מועֵד
וְחָנֵנִי כִּימֵי עולָם


Lover of my soul, merciful God,
bring​ your servant close to Your will.
Your servant will run like a gazelle, to prostrate​ before Your glory.
For Your companion​ship is purer than any fine taste or flavor.

Perfe​ct, pleasing,​ radiance of the world, my soul desires Your love.
Pleas​​​e, God, heal her now, as You show her the pleasantn​ess of Your light.
Now, strengthe​n and heal her, and she will be for You an eternal servant.

Ancie​nt one, many your mercies be made manifest,​
And have compassio​n on the child of Your lover.
For it is so long that I have faithfull​y waited, to see the glory of Your strength.​
Pleas​​​e, my God, the desire of my Heart, hurry and do not hide!

Pleas​​​e, my beloved, reveal yourself and spread over me the shelter of Your peace.
Fill the world with the light of your glory, so that we may rejoice and be happy in You.
Be quick, my lover, for the time has come, and have mercy on me for all time.

(Tran​slation - Gabe Seed)


Written by Rabbi Elazar Azriki. While many different girsaot (versions) of this piyut (poem) exist, the one presented here is based on a manuscript in the author's own handwriting found among the geniza fragment collection of the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary.
A digital copy can be viewed here (additional software may be required): http://jnul.huji.ac.il/dl/books/html/bk1157324.htm


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Description: Normally sung before Friday night service

Description: often used at seudah shlisheet, sometimes before sgir hamaalot

Description: An oldie!

Recorded by: Avi Schwarzmer

Recorded by: GidKlio
Description: Yedid Nefesh sung to a standard Friday night melody but in 5/8

Recorded by: Avi Schwarzmer
Description: Another melody used by many at Se'udah Shlishit, as is the next one:

Recorded by: Jose D. Bucay

Recorded by: Jose D. Bucay

Recorded by: GidKlio
Description: Yedid Nefesh sung to a standard Friday night melody but in 7/8

Recorded by: Jose D. Bucay

Recorded by: Jose D. Bucay


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