Biglal Avot

בגלל אבות

Biglal avot toshia banim, v'tavi g'ulah livnei v'neihem.
בגלל אבות תושיע בנים ותביא גאולה לבני בניהם.


For the sake of the ancestors, deliver the children, and bring redemption to their childrens' children.

(User-contributed translation)


This line was the ancient Judean conclusion to the 'Ga'al Yisrael' blessing, and still remains as the end of piyutim recited on some communities on Pesach.

Popularized by Carlebach, the tune is a Breslov tune for the words of Rebbe Nachman "אם אתה מאמין שיכולים לקלקל, תאמין שיכולים לתקן." "If you believe that you can damage, believe that you can fix."

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